Required Reading: Faith in ‘Calvary’ and the Loneliness of Dissent

By  · Published on August 5th, 2014

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“Calm in the Storm: John Michael McDonagh, Brendan Gleeson on Calvary” – Brian Tallerico at interviews a pair of frequent collaborators on their latest film and the challenge of what we’ll do with our last days on earth.

“It’s interesting. I think people are different from what they imagine themselves to be. I think of that Millennium thing. Back home, they were charging 100 quid to get into a bar on the night of the Millennium. Everyone thought this would be the biggest party we’d ever have. Almost everyone went home and spent it with their family. It was just a very bizarre thing. It’s like what people do on a plane when it’s coming down. They say the most clichéd lines in the history of the world. I think when people are faced with death – and John based this on the five stages of grief – there are various forms of bargaining and depression and anger, but the acceptance is an extraordinary thing.”

“A critic’s lonely stand on Boyhood” – Kenneth Turan at the Los Angeles Times wasn’t bowled over by the Linklater film, despite every other human being on earth praising it from the hilltops. This time it’s personal.

“Unanimous Praise Ignores the Larger Issues” – Colin Biggs at Movie Mezzanine rebounds from Turan’s piece in order to offer some thoughts on the great lie that a perfect Rotten Tomatoes score offers. Sidenote: if you ever find yourself getting pissed that a movie you love loses its 100% fresh rating, give me a call and we’ll talk about flying kites or figuring out what passing clouds look like.

“The unfixable enigma of Twin Peaks” – Keith Phipps at The Dissolve explores a mystery that’s better off without a solution.

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