Required Reading: Don’t Give Michael Bay Money and Chill Out About Wonder Woman

By  · Published on July 31st, 2014

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“How a 1980s Walkman Changed Guardians of the Galaxy Completely” – Meredith Woerner at io9 speaks with Marvel’s Kevin Feige about a piece of ancient technology that allowed them to make the movie they knew they wanted to make. (But, I’m convinced she’s tossed in “1980s” so that 24 year olds won’t see the headline and get confused.)

“Stop Giving All Of Your Money to Michael Bay” – Ben Collins at Esquire implores all of us to quit propelling a director who doesn’t care about the audience or the stories he’s telling.

“How about purchasing some illegal fireworks instead? Maybe try putting some weird stuff in the microwave, such as Peeps or unused electronics? Drugs, we hear, can also make life interesting.

All of these things are better for you, your children and the country in which you live than giving a movie theatre $13 to see a Michael Bay movie.

The eleven films Bay has directed since 1995 have pocketed studios almost $2.7 billion. That’s enough to fix Detroit twice over, then purchase a controlling ownership stake of the Pistons.”

“Don’t Like Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman? Get Over It!” – Chris Clow at fulfills the necessary requirement for backlash to be backlashed. Can’t we all just wait and see how the performance turns out? It’s not like we’ve built a media empire on judging every tiny detail of a movie’s development or anything.

“Old News: What were movie fans talking about on July 30th, 2004?” – Matt Singer at The Dissolve breaks into the internet vault to look at a John Carter film from, no kidding, the Sky Captain director. Amazing.

“History of Film: Playtime” – Andy Crump at Movie Mezzanine gets lost inside Jacques Tati’s labyrinthine statement on urban growth and city society.

“What Happened to Original Movies Aimed at Adults?” – Richard Brody at The New Yorker turns his usual lawn security to a worthwhile question. The answer: there are a ton of them, they just won’t gross the most money.

“The directors we want to see get career-spanning box sets” – Also at The Dissolve, the staff offers options that hopefully Criterion is listening to. Sign me up for Walter Hill and Anthony Mann.

“5 Ways Hollywood Can Improve Comic-Con” – Marc Graser at Variety suggests some deliberate, studio-led fixes to an event they’ve come to exploit without always knowing how. It’s an interesting list, although two of his suggestions are flawed. One, there’s no way shifting some Hall H panels to Petco Park would work without a huge infrastructure change and a giant pile of insurance money. Second, he suggests the creation of a genre film festival during the Con. That entry should read “make people aware that there’s a genre film festival during the Con” apparently.

“Last century’s Batman films now look like blockbusters from another dimension” – Or do they look like films from another century? A.A. Dowd at AV Club takes a thorough look at a chasm of evolution. In other words, Christopher Nolan really did a number on Bruce Wayne.

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