Required Reading: Batman vs Godzilla and the New Geek Supremacy

By  · Published on May 19th, 2014

Required Reading: Batman vs Godzilla and the New Geek Supremacy

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“Samurai Robots, Nude Robin, and Monster Love: The Batman-Godzilla Movie That Could Have Been” – Matt Patches at Grantland profiles a movie that should have been made years ago. After this weekend, maybe Warner Bros. can finally bring these two together as nature intended. Batman vs Godzilla coming in 2017!

“The movie opens with Police Commissioner Gordon (Neil Hamilton on the original series) and his daughter Barbara (Craig) taking “a well-deserved rest aboard a Far East cruise ship.” Gordon’s in it for business, scouting “police facilities in the Orient,” while Barbara reunites with her Vassar college chum Reiko Hammamoto. Everything’s hunky-dory until an unpredicted tidal wave capsizes the boat. The cause? According to Outerpol’s Far Eastern Chief, Ito Nagano, it’s the evil work of Klaus Finster, a German meteorologist who recently emigrated to Japan after 20 years in Argentina. Holed up in a secret lair under Mt. Fuji, Finster claims to have control of the weather, and he’ll destroy the country unless he’s given $20 million in gold (a detail originally written as “five million” until an editor decided to beef up the stakes). Gordon tells Outerpol there are only two men fit for this job: Batman and Robin.

Turns out that when Finster says he “controls the weather,” he really means he operates Godzilla like he’s the Statue of Liberty in Ghostbusters 2.”

“Why blockbusters survived the web age” – Jennifer Rankin at The Guardian pings off Anita Elberse’s book “Blockbusters” to point out why studios have shifted to the home run strategy in the age of a million critics.

“How internet fandom is changing television, one Gotham at a time” – Chris Osterndorf at The Week looks toward a young Batman (who hasn’t yet fought Godzilla) as the latest example of co-opted geek culture demanded and supported by the internet masses.

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