Required Reading: An Expanding Coenverse and Making Movies in 2014

By  · Published on August 21st, 2014

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“After Barton Fink 2: A Proposed Nine-Year Franchise Plan for the Coenverse” – John Lopez at Grantland goes Marvel on The Coen Brothers.

“Year 2

O Brother, Where Art Thou? LIVE!

Since we’re talking about the Coens, there’s no reason not to take chances right off the bat. How about a faux–concert film following the reunited Soggy Bottom Boys, who go on tour in the Deep South at the height of the civil rights movement? Social progress and hilarity ensue.”

“Why We’re Nowhere Near Reaching ‘Peak Zombie’” – Ria Misra at io9 speaks with author M.R. Carey who postulates that dead people trying to ear our brains are going to be entertaining us for a long time to come.

“From box-office bomb to cult favorite in the making : Classic MacGruber” – Matt Singer at The Dissolve champions a movie, explaining why he and twelve other people love it.

“Mark Duplass on How to get a Movie Made in 2014” – Mike Ryan at Screen Crush speaks with the writer/actor/director/producer about exercising and limiting your freedom.

“I had a discussion with Fox Searchlight with Cyrus where we had huge per screen averages – like $5 or $6 million at the box office on 400 screens. And we’re like, this is the time when you rebrand the movie and take it into the suburbs, what are we going to do? And they look at me and they’re like, ‘We have like $4 million projected profit on this movie and if we go into the suburbs, we’re not sure it’s going to work. We might lose money. We’ve lost money on some other movies this year and we need this profit. So, we’re going to ask you to not push us.’ And I was like, I totally get it. I would do the same thing. And I didn’t push them.”

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