Required Reading: A Hollywood Assistant Speaks Out and People Fear Movies

By  · Published on April 3rd, 2014

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“I Was a Hollywood Personal Assistant” – Obviously anonymous and almost pure gossip, it’s still an interesting read from a Hollywood assistant that reflects the worst stereotypes in a Devil Wears Prada kind of way.

“Is Watching Movies Too Hard, or Are Audiences Getting Soft?” – Sam Adams at Criticwire amplifies a Dissolve piece from Noel Murray about how art is meant to be inconvenient. And, seriously, if you pause Schindler’s List to grab tacos, you’re not watching it correctly.

“HOW HULK MET YOUR MOTHER AND THE NATURE OF FINALES” – YOU KNOW WHO at Badass Digest makes a case for the strength of “light” entertainment while arguing that How I Met Your Mother stayed true to its nature all the way through the end. It’s a strong piece, but he leaves out a major point about the show’s willingness to sacrifice individual character definitions to achieve its finale goals. The never-seen #31 agrees with me.

“How Joss Whedon pits puppets against their masters” – Scott Tobias at The Dissolve pings off Cabin in the Woods, Buffy and Dollhouse to explore a common theme in Whedon’s writing.

“What Would Happen if Disney Bought DC Comics” – Rob Bricken at io9 plays What If with a shrewd response, but I’ll add the no-brainer: Disney would then own everything.

“How DP Daniel Landin Captured Scarlett Johansson’s Alien Nature in Under The Skin” – Paula Bernstein at Indiewire has the inside scoop on a special spy camera and the angles it takes to make Johansson other-worldly.

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