Required Reading: A Blockbuster Studios Are Afraid Of and The Queen of Stunts

Rain Man

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“Remembering Rain Man: The $350 Million Movie That Hollywood Wouldn’t Touch Today” – Matt Patches at Grantland gives the dearth of serious adult dramas from studios a face and a nickname. A production history that’s definitely, definitely of a different era.

“Distribution Advice for 2014” – Speaking of which, Thom Powers offers his own insights alongside a compilation of advice from documentary filmmakers on the next, next step toward success.

“As Indies Explode, an Appeal for Sanity” – Manohla Dargis wrings her veteran hands on the doorstep of another potentially sale-crazy Sundance.

“’Am I Crazy For Even Considering This?’ Stuntwoman Zoe Bell Says, ‘Yes,’ Then Does It Anyway” – A thorough, telling interview with the most famous working stuntwoman via Matt Zoller Seitz that will make you want to hit the gym.

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