Reese Witherspoon Talks About Cameron Crowe’s Next


Will we ever see a new Cameron Crowe film? The answer’s yes but according to Reese Witherspoon it may take some time.

The Academy Award winning actress attended a press conference for her new film Monsters vs. Aliens and Collider asked her what the word was on her involvement in Crowe’s latest project. Witherspoon said that the film had been postponed and that she is going to be in the next James L. Brooks film, set to shoot in the Spring.

Ben Stiller is also attached to the film, appropriately named Untitled Cameron Crowe Project (but now called Deep Tiki) , and it has been called the most autobiographical script Crowe has worked on. I love Crowe and have enjoyed almost all of his work, Elizabethtown maybe being the exception. One thing is for sure, there will be an amazing soundtrack to go with the film. Maybe he and Zach Braff can get together for a buddy comedy called Zach and Cameron’s Infinite Playlist. I’d watch it.

What is your favorite Cameron Crowe film? Are you interested in seeing Reese Witherspoon being in the next Cameron Crowe project?

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