Rose McGowan and Her Director Boyfriend Eye Red Sonja

Robert Rodriguez and his one-legged gal pal Rose McGowan have wised up in regards to remaking Barbarella as their next project together.  They decided they just weren’t interested in McGowan as a scantily clad sexpot, and decided to go in a classier direction.

Instead the duo will be remaking Red Sonja, with McGowan as a scantily clad sexpot with a big sword.

USA Today reports McGowan first brought the Red Sonja script to Rodriguez for a laugh.  The 34 year old actress apparently has a different view of her body than at least half of the population does.  “I do have a body made for sitting on a veranda with mint juleps and a parasol. I don’t know why I always have to save the planet.”  My question is why can’t she do both?

The character of Red Sonja was created by the legendary Robert E. Howard, who also created Conan the Barbarian, which is also getting the remake treatment.  Master thespian Brigitte Nielson brought the character to life in the epic 1985 film, Red Sonja, so McGowan has a mighty big pair of… well… sandals to fill.  Both McGowan and Rodriguez claim to have never seen the earlier film version, and have no plans to remedy the situation before making their origin story.  Directorial duties will be handled by Douglas Aarniokoski, while McGowan will be handled by Rodriguez.

What do you think of the prospect of Rose McGowan as Red Sonja?

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