Red Princess Blues — Sure to be a Cool-Ass Film

Most of the world doesn’t know who Alex Ferrari is, but fans of grass-roots independent film will recognize this Miami filmmaker’s groundbreaking short films Broken and Cyn, the latter of which was made for the now-defunct FOX series

Ferrari and his production company The Enigma Factory have shown that you can make a lot with just a little. With extremely limited budgets but a fine handle on technology, Ferrari has pushed the limits of independent film.

Now, he’s venturing into a bigger world with a feature in the works. Red Princess Blues is a revenge film featuring an orphaned child who grows up with the goal of destroying the people who ruined her life. Ferrari has already captured the attention of Paula Garces, whom most will recognize as Officer Tina Hanlon in The Shield and the lovely Maria in the Harold and Kumar films.

Ferrari promises a kick-ass action flick with this movie, featuring plenty of gunplay and martial arts. An anime trailer was created expressly for the project and hosted exclusively by our friends at for several weeks.

After this limited online engagement, Red Princess Blues is available online again, in its full glory on MySpace. Check it out.

You can also visit for the anime trailer, production notes, press information and clips of Ferrari’s other projects.

We will continue to follow the development of Red Princess Blues as it emerges. Check out the trailer below.

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