Red Hill Director Planning ‘Colors’ Trilogy

True Blood stud and rising star Ryan Kwanten’s newest film, the Australian revenge flick Red Hill, premiered during Fantastic Fest giving us the opportunity to sit down with the star and writer/director Patrick Hughes. We managed to keep our questions serious for nineteen of our twenty minutes before grilling Kwanten about his ab routine (at Cole Abaius’ insistence), but before things went sexily downhill, we scored up a bit of news.

Patrick Hughes has big plans for for his debut film’s future- well, sort of. What he’s really planning is a revenge trilogy, each one a modern western taking place in a different geographical location. The first film, Red Hill takes place in Red Hill, Australia. The currently planned follow-ups are tentatively titled Black Valley, about a Mexican border-town, and White Mountain, which would take place in the Rocky Mountains (or thereabouts) during winter.

While there are no more details other than the tentative titles and the revenge motif, we can safely assume Ryan Kwanten won’t be returning, though it would be possible (and extremely cool) if he did, as a different, unrelated character every time. Stay tuned for our full Red Hill interview coverage and more news on these proposed follow-ups.

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