Rebel Wilson Is Thinking About Warming Up Her Vocal Chords For a ‘Pitch Perfect’ Sequel

Rebel Wilson Is Thinking About Warming Up Her Vocal Chords For a ‘Pitch Perfect’ Sequel

Pitch Perfect

Given its success at the box office, and the fact that movies about singing, or cheerleading, or whatnot always seem to get sequels, it was probably something of a given that this year’s surprisingly good a cappella movie Pitch Perfect would spawn a franchise. What is a little bit surprising though is that it sounds like it’s going to be getting a proper sequel, with several of the cast members coming back, and not just a straight-to-video farce where some unknown girl from the Disney channel explains to us that she’s Fat Amy’s cousin Chubby Debby, or whatever.

The scoop regarding movement on a sequel comes from Movie Web, who sat down with that actor who played the sensitive guy from the first film, Skylar Astin, and had him spill the beans regarding where talk regarding a sequel is. Astin revealed to the site, “I do have a meeting with a Universal representative next week. And I know that Rebel Wilson had hers last weekend. It’s definitely a talking point.”

Of course, one big name that Astin left out of his comments is Pitch Perfect’s lead actress, Anna Kendrick. Given the acclaim that she’s received for both her dramatic as well as her comedic work, and the grand possibilities of where her career could be headed very quickly, it would make sense that Kendrick would be the cast member most reticent to agreeing to appear in what might be a chintzy sequel. It will be interesting to see if her name gets mentioned as this story goes forward.

Sure, if strong personalities like Astin and Wilson get on board, and especially if they get backed up by solid utility players, like that Asian girl who talks all quiet and the cocky short kid who played the villain, it would make sense that the public would be willing to come back and give another Pitch Perfect a try. But if Kendrick’s name got attached, people might actually go into a sequel with hopes that it will be good. Where do you stand? Did you guys see the first one? How big is the Pitch Perfect fan contingent here on FSR?

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