Ray Bradbury’s Martian Chronicles Go Hollywood

by Robin Ruinsky

The Los Angeles Times reports that John Davis the producer who brought us Alien vs Predator and I, Robot has picked up the film rights to Ray Bradbury’s classic “The Martian Chronicles”.

The short story collection from 1950 chronicles human colonization of Mars. The Earth has been devastated by atomic disasters and humans look to Mars as a new home. The native Martians don’t particularly appreciation the arrival of the Earthling colonists. Lots of potential drama and conflict are built right in.

The stories were brought to the small screen in a 1980 television miniseries starring Rock Hudson. I would think CGI, 3D technology, HD and other numerous technical advances could bring these tales to life. There’s ways of creating things on film that didn’t exist in 1980. The potential as a movie is so much greater than it was made for TV.

Much of the stories are from the human point of view, but I can see where a film maker could be attracted not only to the tales themselves but the potential visuals they could create, including Martians of course!

There’s nothing yet about cast, director or even screenplay. “The Martian Chronicles” could make a great big screen sci fi adventure. Of course the time frame has to be changed since some of the stories take place five to ten years ago in 2000 and 2005. We’re just a bit behind Bradbury’s vision.

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