Rango: Attack of the Animated Johnny Depp Lizard

The world finally has its first look at Rango, the character at the heart of Gore Verbinski’s upcoming animated movie that will star the voice of Johnny Depp. It’s also the character at the heart of that very strange teaser trailer, or non-trailer as the studio explained later. It’s all very confusing, but it will soon come into focus.

This first poster first popped up on Twitter courtesy of First Showing’s Alex Billington. I’m otherwise baffled as to where it might have originated. As you can see below, Rango is a lizard. A chameleon, to be more precise. And if the early log line is to be believed (it is), then we’re looking at a chameleon who is voiced by Johnny Depp, but also one that’s struggling with an identity crisis. Which explains the shirt.

The first full (real) trailer for Rango will be online tomorrow. The movie hits theaters on March 4, 2011.

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