Randy Quaid as Tim Russert? Say it Ain’t So!

Today on the Defamer the news is that Randy Quaid has been cast by a small nameless New York production company to play the late and very great newsman Tim Russert.

Well, sorry, but I don’t think so. Personally, it’s just way too soon to be making a biopic about Russert who died suddenly on June 13 after suffering a heart attack while at work.

And please, spare me Randy Quaid. I was able to stomach him as LBJ some years back, but give Russert a break. He died way too soon and now he’ll be remembered as Randy Quaid? Randy Quaid who has been banned by Actors Equity from ever appearing on another stage ever ever ever, even after that big asteroid hits Earth and there are like three actors left alive. Quaid was fined $81,000 and banned for LIFE for his abusive behavior towards fellow cast members of a musical called “Lone Star Love”. Twenty six, yes you read correctly, twenty six cast members filed grievances against the actor.

I know, I know, the actor plays a part, but Quaid is apparently the anti Tim Russert who was by all accounts a kind, giving man who was beloved by all while Quaid has been banned by one of the two biggest actor’s unions in America.

So, stop this shabby attempt at a biopic now. Make a documentary or release a giant boxed set of “Meet the Press” on DVD. Do something that will honor Russert’s memory. Make the city of Buffalo, NY, a state! But don’t shove out this sorry, shabby attempt to capitalize on the death of perhaps one of the greatest newsmen ever.

What do you think about the prospect of Randy Quaid playing Tim Russert in a biopic?

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