Rachel Weisz, Chlo« Sevigny Claw for the Lead in Terminator 4

OK, there’s been no actual catfighting or clawing, but Moviehole is reporting that both Chlo« Sevigny and Rachel Weisz are jockeying for the part of the female lead.

Sevigny and Weisz both reportedly accosted the producers of “Terminator 4” at a New York City party earlier this week. Derek Anderson and Victor Kubicek have not named a star for the lead female part yet.

If I were not a gentleman, I’d make some crack about Sevigny’s notorious performance in “The Brown Bunny.” You know, like how Clint Morris at Moviehole said, “Look, unless there’s a scene in the film where the T-800 gets head from his female comrade, then it ain’t much of a competition.”

Instead, I’ll just quote Clint and leave it at that. 🙂

All fellatio jokes aside, I’d lay odds on Weisz getting the part. She has more action movies on her resume and Sevigny’s persona is more that of a wan pixie. Then again, before Terminator 3, I never pegged Claire Danes as an action star, either.

And the cynical little twerp in me says, this far into the franchise’s life cycle, the best we can hope for is a film that doesn’t suck as hard as “AvP” or “Alien3” or Chlo« Sevigny.

Oops. I wasn’t gonna go there …

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