R-Rated 30 Days of Night Clip Sheds Some Blood

Whilst writing my review of 30 Days of Night over the past few days, I have noticed myself using words that I have not used in a long time, words of praise that I have not unleashed since I saw my favorite film of the summer, The King of Kong back in late August. Words like “groundbreaking”, “visually impressive” and “intense”. But to keep it simple, the film scared the ever-loving shit out of me. Director David Slade has already got a film on his resume that blew me away (2005’s Hard Candy); he now has two.

But enough talk. It will be a few days before you get my full review and a few more days after that until you can experience 30 Days of Night. So just to hold you over, the folks at Sony have dropped an awesome R-rated clip on their site for all to see. It includes actor Mark Boone Junior (one of the hidden gems of gritty cinema), some nasty Vamps and a huge piece of machinery.

View the Clip Here [Official Site]

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