Shot by Shot with the ‘A Quiet Place Part II’ Trailer

John Krasinski became a surprise rising horror director with A Quiet Place, his 2018 debut feature about the Abbott family (headed by Krasinski and his real-life wife Emily Blunt), who silently struggle to survive in a world where alien creatures hunt by sound. Now, he’s back to helm a new installment in what’s now a series.

At the climax of the first film, patriarch Lee (Krasinski) sacrificed himself to save his daughter and son (Millicent Simmonds and Honey Boy’s Noah Jupe) as the creatures invaded and began to destroy the family’s solitary farm hideout. Having just given birth, Evelyn Abbott (Blunt) prepared to venture, with her three children, out of their safe haven, into the ravaged world in hopes of survival. What comes next? Paramount Pictures has released a trailer for A Quiet Place Part II, a sequel that pushes past the world’s post-apocalyptic premise to spotlight a new threat: the people left behind.

The trailer ominously opens with the words, “Day One,” flashing back to before the events of the first movie, to the day when the franchise’s monsters first appeared. According to A Quiet Place, this happens in early 2020 — uh oh!

A confused, slightly younger Evelyn is driving through a town with her two sons: Marcus (Jupe) and the ill-fated Beau (Cade Woodward, whose character was killed in the 2018 original’s opening scene). As she tries to find a signal on her car radio, the tell-tale cinematic signs of an impending apocalypse unfold around her — screams, people running through the streets in a panic, and cars abandoned on the road.

The camera pans back to Beau, who watches the chaos from his car seat. The character’s presence is a jarring reminder to viewers about what the Abbotts went through in A Quiet Place, and how much they are about to lose as the world collapses.

Evelyn leans back to comfort Beau, but Marcus seems to be trying to get her attention about something.

That “something” turns out to be one of the mysterious, spider-like aliens, which suddenly lands on their windshield.

They begin to flee, dodging people and cars that are frantically filling the streets. Just as the road seems clear, out-of-control bus barrels straight for their car. As Evelyn puts the car in reverse to avoid it, another one of the aliens reaches a long limb through the broken glass of one of the bus’s windows, toward the Abbotts.

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