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A Cautionary Tale About the COVID-19 Booty Call

Laughing at scary things is important, so here’s an animated short film about COVID-19 that ends with a cautionary country ballad.
By  · Published on June 1st, 2020

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Even though an oppressive sense of uncertainty has dominated most of our lives during the pandemic, there have been a couple of reliable truths. And one of those truths is that there are no easy decisions during COVID-19. Do you need to go to the grocery store on a busy weekend, or can you survive on dried beans for a couple more days? Is a socially distant chat on the stoop with a pal really worth it if they also visit their elderly parents? Depending on where you live, COVID-19 has turned everyday decision-making into an ethical mind melter. And it’s likely that pandemic decision-making isn’t going to get any easier as the world begins to relax restrictions.

Bigger junk like international travel may be out of our hands. But another COVID-19 truism is that the way this pandemic is going to ultimately play out is going to depend on the actions of individuals. In that spirit (but on a lighter note), we recommend you check out a short animated film about a horny teen grappling with a booty call during the pandemic.

You can watch Quaranteen here:

Who made this?

Quaranteen was created by FAVO studio, a design-based production company in Portugal. You can check out their official website here. You can follow FAVO studio and check out their back catalog on Vimeo here. The film was directed by Gustavo Carreiro.

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