Punisher Posters Prove Perplexing

Punisher: War Zone

Alliteration is the shit, I don’t care what you say. If you’ve got a problem with, these kind of bad-ass black and white War Zone posters would like a word with you, because me and Frank are tight. Ok actually not really, considering I’ve expressed piles and piles of doubt on this movie.

These posters are kind of cool, though they really just strike me as what a Judd Apatow produced action flick would look like, considering they copped that same style of just having the actor real big, which bothers me on some unknown level.

Punisher War Zone Poster 1

Ray Stevenson looks menacing enough, but the posters are kind of flat. I’m going to come down on the side that they’re cool though, after much deliberation. I like that we get to see some weaponry and the tag line is pretty catchy. I still have a ton of doubts, as you can tell by my wishy-washy commentary. One minute I like the posters, the next I feel betrayed at the lack of Tom Jane continuing the fight from the first one. This rehash is unnecessary. To put the issue to rest, I like the first poster and am unimpressed with the second.

Punisher War Zone Poster 2

Photos courtesy of  Coming Soon

What do you think of these posters?