Silver Surfer Prequel Will Feature Galactus

Those that saw Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer were pretty furious when they found out that the Surfer’s arch-rival, Galactus, was a cloud. Many people thought the movie was a cop-out for not showing the character in full glory, opting to save budget money and running time by not introducing another character. However, according to Superhero Hype this exclusion was on purpose.

Screenwriter J. Michael Straczynski announced that a Silver Surfer prequel is in the works and the embodiment of Galactus will be involved. The project is still very much in development, without a director, official title, or start date for shooting. All we can assume at this point is that Laurence Fishburne will be voicing the character portrayed by physical actor Doug Jones (who also does the motion-capture and physical work for Hellboy’s Abe Sapien). We can also assume that the story will most likely take place on the Surfer’s home planet of Zenn-La and will show how he became virtually indestructible and develops cosmic power.

I think this is a pretty good idea. The Surfer was by far the most interesting thing about Fantastic Four 2, mainly because he was the only character not spouting annoying dialogue. That being said, the character is very somber and they’d really have to spruce him up a bit, or add a plethora of intriguing characters around him, to make him more interesting to watch. Either way, I think I’m on board. We haven’t really had many comic-book movies that have taken place on different planets, and it would be interesting for them to do it with this film.* What will be interesting to see is how they interpret Galactus in the movie. For instance, will he still have his ridiculous helmet?

* Especially after they made the Dark Phoenix Saga in X-Men: The Last Stand on Earth when they could’ve explored the inter-galactic aspect of the story and made a much more interesting movie.

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