Heading to Hell Again as AMC has Renewed ‘Preacher’ for Season 3

HE isn’t giving us anything, but AMC is giving us more Jesse Custer.
By  · Published on October 27th, 2017

HE isn’t giving us anything, but AMC is giving us more Jesse Custer.

It was quiet for a long time as to whether Preacher was going to be renewed for another season. The show delivered a riveting finale to season 2 that our reviewer called, “the best episode of the season and possibly the series.” There was also the fact that the show is spiraling towards the comic books most famous story arc, so a renewal was always desperately wanted by fans. Confirmation has come from series co-creator and executive producer Seth Rogen.

While there were plenty of rumors that the series would be returning for a third season, it is nice to have confirmation. Production is expected to start right away so that the show will likely air in the summer of 2018 where the two previous seasons have aired. The series has been renewed for thirteen episodes just like season two.

Preacher has never enjoyed the same attention as other breakout hits on AMC. The most obvious comparison would be The Walking Dead since both are adaptations of comic book series. Whereas Walking Dead is still constantly being mentioned (even if this season is showing weaker numbers), Preacher has never enjoyed high notoriety. In that case, it is surprising that AMC wanted to give the show a renewal. It’s a shame given the quality of the show and the performances on display, but perhaps Preacher’s material was never going to connect with that large of an audience.

The hook for Preacher was always going to be just how much of this violent story they could adapt for television. Heck, this season featured a shocking scene when Eugene befriended Adolf Hitler in Hell. Preacher is trying to humanize the most hated person in human history for goodness sake.

Given how bleak the season two finale was, it is great that AMC has seen fit to continue the story. Just how Jesse (Dominic Cooper) and Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun) will do on their trip to Jesse’s old stomping grounds of Angelville, well, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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