Praise Thor, the Thunder God! Kat Dennings Back for ‘Thor 2’

By  · Published on August 22nd, 2012

Everyone, you can rest easy, Kat Dennings will be returning to the Thor sequel, Thor: The Dark World, to add her signature stinging charm and wit to the feature. Could you even imagine a film without her adorably calling Mjolnir “Meow-Meow”? No? How about a film where her Darcy Lewis is not there to even out Natalie Portman’s perhaps overly serious Jane Foster? Got you there.

Deadline Hollywood reports that Dennings is indeed coming back for more, and though they don’t have many details, they can report that Dennings’s role has been “expanded from that of the comic relief sidekick.” Sounds good to us!

Thor: The Dark World will open on November 8, 2013.