‘The Postcard’ Brings Inventive, Colorful Vacations To Sci-Fi

The Postcard
By  · Published on November 10th, 2017

Memories of a future trip have never looked so…trippy.

What will vacations look like in the future? Probably nothing like the inventive and color-drenched animation that Device brings to its short film The Postcard, but its expressive vision of sci-fi is astonishingly gripping.

Telling vague stories about a trip, sifting through memories only for them to be writ large with quaint drawings, is an engrossing experience in itself, but then The Postcard breaks out an ending twist both cynical and strangely beautiful.

Warranting a second or third viewing, the short transcends its distinctive aesthetic to find sci-fi world-building success. Elegant and quick, this vision of the future – told through a media and storytelling method we’re all familiar with – is a delightful dabble in the genre that fits in with the best short story anthologies.

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