Podcast: DOMA Movies and the Indie Pains of Online Piracy

Milk Movie

Not everyone knows what online piracy has done to indie filmmakers, so this week we have a pair of stories that try to shed some light into dark recesses. First, horror filmmaker Filip Tegstedt outlines the saga of futilely trying to find a distributor for a movie that had already been pirated, and then Cinedigm’s Jill Calcaterra explains the company’s new distribution partnership with BitTorrent.

Plus, Geoff and I offer up the Top Best Greatest Five Movies with which to celebrate the end of DOMA. Yes, it’ll be fabulous.

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On This Week’s Show:

  • Slippery Slope [0:00–1:00]
  • Movies to Celebrate the End of DOMA [1:00–18:00]
  • There’s Something About Marianne [14:30 -31:45]
  • Coming to a Torrent Near You [31:45 -41:00]

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