‘Plush’ Trailer Tells us More About Emily Browning’s Latest Turn as a Sexy Bad Girl


Though most of us first met Emily Browning as the cute young lady in the family-friendly Lemony Snicket movie, in more recent years she’s grown up quite a bit, and has now become known for taking edgier, more adult roles. That’s a nice way of saying that she got hot, real hot, and she’s been taking advantage of her hotness by starring in sex-soaked exploitation fare like Sucker Punch and Sleeping Beauty. Like chocolate and peanut butter, Emily Browning and sexual overtones just seem to go together well, so the actress looks to be keeping the ball rolling with her next film, Plush, which sees her starring as a sexy young rock star who’s being seduced over to the dark side by a swarthy lothario.

Already we’ve seen a red band teaser for the film that was little more than a bunch of sexy imagery set to a song, but now a full trailer for the film has been released, and it’s one that gives us a better look at the story that Plush is going to tell alongside all its titillation. What we’ve got here is some good, old-fashioned stalker horror that seems like it would look appropriate sitting on a shelf next to early 90s fare like Poison Ivy and The Crush. Enjoy.

Plush is the latest film coming from Thirteen and Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke, so it’s bound to have that certain something that appeals to teenage audiences looking to watch a film that feels a little bit naughty. The question is, does it look trashy enough to get you to make a guilty-pleasure trip out to the theater to take it in too? Or maybe at least to give it a go in your living room? If so, the film is scheduled to hit select theaters on September 13, and then get its DVD/VOD release pretty quickly after on October 15. Why not give it a go? I won’t tell if you won’t.

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