Play Poker With The Joker

Officially Cool

This is yet another one of those “Oh my god, I need this” type of collectibles.” I took one look at it and I said “Oh my god, I need this!” You can expect it in stores in August, which will probably be the month you have to go on welfare after all the awesome Dark Knight collectibles hit stores. It’s not too late for Christian Bale to adopt me and give me all of his cool Batman toys right? Here is the breakdown –

This unique collectors’ item includes a deck of 54 prop replica Joker cards (as seen in The Dark Knight film!) and a standard “playable” 4-suit, 54 card deck defaced by The Joker. Also included are 100 4-color poker chips in Joker-themed colors of green, purple, red and black, and 5 dice. The entire set comes housed in a black aluminum carrying case (which locks to prevent The Joker from defacing the second set of cards!), and the case is packaged in a 4-color box. A 4-color Certificate of Authenticity is also included and appears as one of the playing cards!

An overflow of unnecessary movie memorabilia is usually unwelcome, but The Dark Knight will be epic. The Joker will be better than ever, and I for one want every Officially Coool Joker collectible I can find.

Source: Forbidden Planet

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