‘Plan 9 From Outer Space’ Teaser Can’t Afford Steak


I have to admit that I didn’t even realize someone was remaking Plan 9 From Outer Space, mostly because I go outside once and a while (mostly to swim, to get my kite-flying team up to snuff, and because it’s criminal to drink Texas Tea indoors). Luckily, my friend and drinking partner Peter Hall over at SciFi Squad has enlightened me so that I, dear reader, can enlighten you.

Possibly inebriated himself (it’s been hours since he started in at 11am), Peter posted up the teaser trailer for a no-budget remake for the flick. After all, why would you invest any money into something that never appealed to anyone in the first place?

Alright, to be fair, a comedian and his hilarious talking robots seemed to dig it.

But other than that, seriously, what the hell is going on in my life?

Yeah! Take that radio out!

The scene where the alien/zombie/mutant crashes through the car door is kind of cool, actually. There, I admit it.

God this looks awesome. Mostly I’m just glad that Asylum isn’t the production company behind it.

What do you think?