‘Piranha 3DD’ Adds Sexiest Woman Katrina Bowden as Bait

After taking the world by storm as 30 Rock’s airy, often charming secretary Cerie and being named Esquire’s 2011 Sexiest Woman Alive, Katrina Bowden has set her sights on becoming fish food for the somewhat anticipated horror spectacle sequel Piranha 3DD. A press release confirmed this morning that Bowden will join the likes of Gary Busey, Danielle Panabaker and Matt Bush in the 3D killer fish film, which is due out on November 23. It won’t be Bowden’s first walk on the wild side of horror though, as she starred alongside Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine in Eli Craig’s excellent scary hillbilly comedy Tucker and Dale vs. Evil. For those who don’t remember, that’s the festival-traversing horror comedy we (and almost every other writer on the planet) have been raving about since it debuted at Sundance in 2010. It’s still yet to see a release, which makes me sad. But hopefully the rise of Bowden, who is featured prominently in the film, will help get it into theaters or at the very least, onto DVD. In the mean time, Bowden will likely be eaten by several angry fish.

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