Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s Closing Credits Have Always Been Awesome

By  · Published on June 16th, 2014

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Dynamic directing duo Phil Lord and Chris Miller have done it again, turning a seemingly terrible idea (a sequel to a movie based on an eighties television show about teen cops? Surely you jest!) into one of the year’s best comedic outings and a financial juggernaut, as least week’s uproarious new release 22 Jump Street has already laughed its way to over $60M at the box office. Although the re-teaming of Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill has plenty to offer – big emotions, sage commentary on the power of words, sad Dave Franco, lobsters, Ice Cube yelling a lot, a star turn from Jillian Bell — there’s one thing that everyone is talking about: its closing credits that imagine some of the other sequels the franchise has in store for us.

Over at Mashable, Jordan Hoffman dives deep into the “best part” of the film – its crazy credits, naturally, although the entire film is a very funny, very satisfying sequel and we certainly won’t balk at a whole slew of new titles – analyzing some of the better sequel options (we’re holding out on 33 Jump Street: Generations, 35 Jump Street: Traffic School sounds particularly good and any franchise that sends its cast to space gets thumbs up in our book). If you’re looking for something quick and dirty, Vulture posted the full listing of every sequel that appears in the credits, though damn if this doesn’t even remotely do justice to the final product itself (but it will do).

Although the end credits of 22 Jump Street are easily the best credits of any Lord and Miller joint (and certainly the best of this year and, yes, probably the best, or at least most funny, end credits ever), it’s not the first time the duo have extended their humor, care and craft to the final moments of their films. 22 Jump Street’s closing credits may be the best, but Lord and Miller have always made sure their film end on a major high note.

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

Lord and Miller’s debut feature film, an animated take on beloved kids book “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs” that expanded the so-called universe of the book into a gut-busting buffet size (so much to offer! for everyone!), ends with a cute nod to hand-drawn animation that also recalls some of the best bits of the film itself. Tasty.

21 Jump Street

Snazzy music, cool graphics, nods to the narrative of the film, an amazing Stephen J. Cannell shoutout, bloopers – this is kind of the bread and butter of good comedic closing credits. Lord and Miller could have just cruised along in this style…but they didn’t.

The LEGO Movie

“Everything Is Awesome” is stuck in your head now. Oops. Please don’t hurt yourself dancing (it’s too late for me, sadly). Awesome items really are the best.

Clone High

As a special bonus, let’s harken way back to Lord and Miller’s first professional closing credits sequence – the first season end credits for their short-lived animated series Clone High. Fine, these might not be as “dazzling” or “big” or “inventive” as we’ve come to expect from the pair, but you sort of have to admire the simplicity of them. (Yes, this is the exact moment this piece jumped the shark.) Hey, at least they were a hell of a jumping off point.

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22 Jump Street is currently in theaters. Not enough Lord and Miller goodness for you? The LEGO Movie hits home release on Tuesday. Everything is awesome.