Peter Segal Eyes ‘Dirty Old Men,’ Possibly ‘The Jetsons’


Director Peter Segal (Tommy Boy, Get Smart) is making news today from a few different places. Apparently, his directorial slate – which still includes the long-gestating superhero flick Shazam! – could be getting very busy in the near future.

Up first is a story from THR, who reports that Segal is eying the Warner Bros. comedy known currently as Dirty Old Men (working title). It revolves around an an aging playboy who finally meets the love of his life and his best friend and wingman for the past 40 years who does everything to break up the new couple. Morgan Freeman has already signed onto the project to play the trusty wingman and exec produce, and he’s said to be thinking of re-teaming with The Bucket List co-star Jack Nicholson, or so the studio hopes. The tone is being described as Wedding Crashers meets The 40-Year Old Virgin, even though that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense – there is nothing about the initial synopsis that screams 40-Year Old Virgin, unless you count the fact that the studio would like this movie to be funny.

Over at Pajiba, Dustin Rowles is claiming that he’s got an inside source saying that Segal is looking to take over another Warner Bros. production, The Jetsons, which has been all but abandoned by Robert Rodriguez. Even though he had shown a lot of fervor for the project, Rodriguez is plagued by being a man with many tasks – he’s currently finishing up post-production on Machete, overseeing (read: ghost-directing) Predators and working on a script for his next Spy Kids installment, which will fund his next few ‘edgy’ projects. And according to Pajiba’s source, the studio was “reportedly pleased with the script that John Altschuler and Dave Krisnky turned in last year,” but they’ve been unable to get any talent aligned with the project, leaving it in limbo. Word is that Warner Bros. will also be looking for new writers and a new script, assuming the rumor is valid and Segal signs.

Of these two projects, I can’t get too excited about either. Dirty Old Men sounds pretty generic, but could work with attention paid to character and sharp humor. The Jetsons film has always been cool on concept, but also quite daunting. And while I was interested in seeing Rodriguez tackle it, I’m not so excited about Segal. He’s a good director who has delivered some solid comedies over the years, but I’d rather see him go back to something like Shazam!, which is character driven, instead of going off into the distant future with Jetsons.

We’ll stay on the beaten path and see how it all shakes out. Which project would you rather see Segal tackle next?

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