The Perfect Shots of ‘Road to Perdition’

The final film of a legendary cinematographer, Conrad L. Hall.


The final film of a legendary cinematographer, Conrad L. Hall.

On this week’s episode of Shot by Shot, the official cinematography podcast of One Perfect Shot and Film School Rejects, we’re talking about the final film of one of the most respected cinematographers in the history of the field. The film is Road to Perdition, and the cinematographer is three-time Oscar winner and 10-time nominee Conrad L. Hall.

Conrad Hall started his career with an Oscar – for the World War II film Morituri – and he ended it with one as well, being awarded Best Cinematography for Road to Perdition only months after his passing. Sam Mendes’ film was the final feature Hall worked on, and in many ways, it’s the culmination of a career’s worth of award-winning experience. Hall’s the man who shot Cool Hand Luke, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Marathon Man, In Cold Blood, Searching for Bobby Fischer and tons of other iconic films. Today, though, we’re focusing on his final effort, and what an effort it is.

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