The Perfect Shots of ‘John Wick’

The cinematography of a modern classic.

This week’s episode of Shot by Shot, the official cinematography podcast of One Perfect Shot and Film School Rejects, is all about John Wick, the groundbreaking Keanu Reeves’ action flick from directors Chad Stahelski and David Leitch, and shot by cinematographer-on-the-rise Jonathan Sela. Sela came from the world of music videos and has quickly developed a distinct style on display not only in John Wick, but in Transformers: The Last Knight by Michael Bay (another graduate of music videos), Atomic Blonde, set to be released this summer, and the upcoming Deadpool 2.

If this is your first listen to our show, the format’s simple: each week Geoff and I each pick a few shots from a certain film and discuss their effect and significance. Check out our previous episodes:

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And the Shots discussed:

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