Remembering an iconic director by his masterpiece.

This week’s episode of Shot by Shot, the official cinematography podcast of One Perfect Shot and Film School Rejects, is, as always, a celebration of cinema, but it born from a sorrowful fact: George A. Romero has died. Romero, of course, was the iconic director who pretty much single-handedly created the zombie movie genre with films like Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, and Day of the Dead. His loss is so significant it honestly defies words. He was, perhaps, the single most influential horror director of all-time, and he leaves behind him not just a legacy but an immortal contribution to film.

In order to honor Romero, myself and co-host Geoff Todd have decided upon Dawn of the Dead for this week’s discussion, a film we both consider his finest work. The film was shot by cinematographer Michael Gornick, who is only credited with five films, but all five were with Romero, making Gornick one of the director’s most frequent collaborators.

If this is your first listen to our show, the format’s simple: each week Geoff and I each pick a few shots from a certain film and discuss their effect and significance. Check out our previous episodes:

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