‘Penthouse North’ International Trailer: Blind Michelle Monaghan, Evil Michael Keaton, and Diamonds

By  · Published on March 14th, 2013

Penthouse North should really just be called “Nutty-Crazy Michael Keaton Stalks Poor Blind Girl Michelle Monaghan to Get Some Diamonds,” because that’s exactly what’s going on here and it is still far more interesting than its existing standard issue thriller moniker. Also, guys, Michael Keaton is a nutbag in this, and Michelle Monaghan is blind. And diamonds.

Beyond all that, Penthouse North looks like the sort of film that will pop up on TNT in five years, only to make audiences wonder “wait, when did this come out?” It doesn’t really matter, this could have come out whenever (and, considering it was made back in 2011, it really could have hit screens at any point in time since then), and it probably would have still looked just as bonkers. We’ll let this one speak for itself.

Hide your diamonds and check out the new international trailer for Penthouse North after the break.

Penthouse North will open later this year. [The Playlist]