Penelope Cruz Buys a Ticket to Von Trier’s Planet Melancholia

In October of last year, we reported on the next in the long line of crazy projects from director Lars von Trier. At the time, he was working the press for his latest film Antichrist. He mentioned that he was gearing up his next project, Planet Melancholia, a “psychological disaster movie” about an enormous planet that looms closely to Earth. Fast forward to this week, and we have some movement. Or rather, some casting news.

According to several European sites, including Danish news site (who was nice enough to email me a translated version of their article), von Trier will be taking Oscar-winning actress Penelope Cruz with him on his next trip to Crazytown. She’s fresh off of her Oscar-nominated (Best Supporting Actress) role in Nine and a supporting role in the upcoming estro-fest Sex and the City 2, and she’s ready to move to outer space, psychologically.

According to von Trier’s long-standing editor and assistant director Anders Refn (who is apparently the source of all this news), the film will begin shooting later this year.

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