‘Peanuts’ Teaser Trailer Apparently Isn’t a MetLife Commercial

Peanuts Movie 2015

Blue Sky/Fox

Pushing the cynicism way, way down, there’s a sweet promise in the Peanuts teaser trailer. First of all, the look of Charlie Brown, Snoopy and Woodstock isn’t atrocious – evoking a classic feel even with the CGI paintbrush (no Pixarification!). Second of all, director Steve Martino has done honest service by a bygone children’s story with Horton Hears a Who! and a modern tale with the not-terrible Ice Age: Continental Drift. That’s not a rousing endorsement, and it’s unclear how Charles Schulz’s dynasty will be honored in the hands of Bryan and Craig Shulz, but there’s also producer Paul Feig’s involvement to keep in mind. With any luck, Feig will be more than an In Name Only producer.

At the very least, the movie will probably be more like children’s Tylenol then an all-out assault on peoples’ childhoods.

That is, if a million MetLife commercials haven’t done the trick already. There’s not a story to be found in the teaser trailer, but it is an excellent first look at the CGI characters in motion:

Peanuts hits theaters November 6, 2015. That’s also the 65th anniversary of the comic strip’s launch and the 50th anniversary of A Charlie Brown Christmas. That might act as a nice reminder that the Peanuts empire is vast and medium-spanning.

It’s also a long way off, but it’s still exciting to wonder what kind of adventure the gang will go on this time – especially considering they’ve done everything from wait in a field all night for a mythic being to sticking up for girls (and dogs) playing baseball. Meanwhile, when Batman and Superman are fighting the same villains and going on the same adventures, it would still be a shame for the Peanuts crew to head back to the pumpkin patch.

We’re also getting new Muppets and Peanuts within a 2-year span. Who says the 60s are dead?

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