‘Pauly Shore Stands Alone’ Trailer: The Most Raw You’ll Ever See Him

Pauly Shore Stands Alone


It sounds like a joke: a serious documentary about Pauly Shore’s late-in-life (and probably late-in-career) struggles, from money to fame to family to love. We’ve seen this before, right? It was called Pauly Shore Is Dead and it’s over ten years old and it was totally, totally fake. Not this time around.

Pauly Shore Stands Alone is the film that Shore probably should have made in place of Pauly Shore Is Dead, though it stands to reason that, a decade ago, Shore might not have been nearly as ready to peel back the layers of his life and take a hard look at what he found underneath. (After all, Pauly Shore Is Dead is all about the comedian trying to recapture his life by pretending to be dead, which isn’t exactly a mature response to anything.) This latest doc, directed by Shore (hey, who knows the guy better), had a strong showing at the Downtown Los Angeles Film Festival earlier this year, and Showtime has just picked the film up, ensuring that Shore fans (Shore Things? can we call them that?) can check it out before the year is out. But if you want a taste at what the film is all about, take a peek at its first trailer (via /Film and Deadline), which packs an unexpected emotional punch.

Watch Pauly Shore stand alone after the break (and damn if you don’t get a little misty while doing it).

You don’t need to know too much about how Hollywood works or how the particularly vicious comedy wheel spins to understand that Shore’s career is not where it used to be. Gone are the salad days of Encino Man and Son-in-Law, and even a cursory glance at the comedian’s IMDb page reveals a baffling array of small potatoes projects and stuff most of us have never even heard of (his last acting credit? playing a door man in the “Whistle While I Work It” music video).

But although it seems simple enough to wonder and worry about Shore’s career, the funny man has a full spectrum of other issues to worry about (hey, just like us!). The film is built around a particularly ill-fated comedy tour, so Shore’s work is on full display here, but there also appear to be generous nods to the kind of problems that plague everyone. How’s his health? Will he ever find true love? What does he owe his family? Should he be working out more? What’s a colonoscopy? If this isn’t relatable, what is?

The films looks to be going for sensitivity over salacious stuff, and although Shore might not be able to apply the most clear eye to his own life, it sure seems as if he’s eager and able to talk about the stuff that’s getting him down. No matter how you slice it, that’s pretty admirable and brave.

Wait, is this Pauly Shore documentary really going to make us cry?

Pauly Shore Stands Alone will premiere on Showtime on Thursday, December 4th.

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