Paul Anderson and Tyrese Get Us Geared for Death Race on DVD

Death Race on DVD and Blu-Ray

Earlier in the year, Paul W.S. Anderson got behind the wheel to reboot a Corman classic, and it comes out on DVD today in all its explosive, greasy, machine gunny glory. If you don’t have a stocking stuffer for Grandma yet, pick up a copy – she’ll love it.

I had a chance to talk to both Anderson and Tyrese Gibson about the DVD extras, hot women on big guns, and when Luke Cage is making it to the big screen.

For Anderson, the best Death Race feature comes on the Blu-Ray disc, an interactive segment where you can edit one of the races yourself.

“I’ve always tried to put as much added value to DVD and Blu-Ray projects I’m involved in. Because I’m a fan myself, I spend a lot of money on DVDs. We spent another quarter of a million on extra footage,” Anderson said.

With the feature, you can control which shots get shown when and for how long – creating you’re own version of a major race section. Apparently, this highly interactive feature narrowly won out as favorite feature against an extended scene where Natalie Martinez has to crawl on the hood of a car during a high speed chase to unjam a machine gun with a giant wrench.

“With the extended footage – there’s a little more blood, a little more violence.”

Blood and violence are obviously Anderson’s forte, but I asked him if there was other Corman material that he wanted to reboot, and he said, “Some of the Poe stuff. The stuff with the romantic feel.”

Still, it’s clear that Anderson gravitates toward the classic Roger Corman material that blows up on impact. “[Corman] is a mentor of mine in that he’s always trying to get the most bang for his buck.”

So what would Anderson do with a trillion-dollar budget?

“You can never blow up as much as you want.”

Tyrese Gibson, who played Machine Gun Joe Mason in the film, geeked out about the PS3-compatible Blu-Ray features.

But, honestly, I cared more about finding out about his involvement in the Luke Cage project (since he wouldn’t tell me anything about Transformers 2 or 3) than picking his brain about the DVD.

“I’m not signed up on that, yet. I met with Avi Arad a while ago, and they’re reworking the script before they get it back to me to see if that’s going to be the plan.”

He sounded optimistic about the progress of the project, though. “The idea of doing anything with Marvel is exciting…and being able to be one of the first black comic book characters.”

If Tyrese signs on for that, he’ll be working with John Singleton for a third time, and it would signal the first major production of a black comic book superhero to be adapted for the screen.

So Death Race is currently out on DVD and Blu-Ray just in time to surprise your grandmother on Christmas morn. If she’s been a good girl this year.

And, yes, I’m hoping I just put the image of your grandmother being a bad girl in your mind. Happy Holidays from FSR!

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