Patrick Dempsey Already Too Close to ‘Dr. Strange’

Patrick Dempsey is cinematic poison. Sure, the guy has had a good run as an object of television audiences’ affections on Grey’s Anatomy, but when he moves over to the big screen, it’s usually disastrous. Save for Enchanted (the success of which had nothing to do with him and everything to do with Amy Adams), I haven’t seen Dempsey in a quality film in the last decade. So why anyone would ever mention him in the same breath as the inevitable Dr. Strange film is beyond me. Unless of course, that person is Patrick Dempsey.

News broke two days ago that Marvel Studios had brought on the writers of Conan to begin work on a Dr. Strange script. And while it’s far too early to think about casting (for the studio, not the blogosphere), Bleeding Cool has a rumor that Dempsey is already campaigning. Comics artist Arne Starr even went as far as to create the image you see above – Dempsey as Dr. Strange.

It turns my stomach.

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