Pathology Domestic Trailer — Murder Can Be Fun!


While I can’t give my fully articulated opinion on the film Pathology, thanks to a little review embargo, I will say that it is a pretty twisted movie. You would know that if you had seen the redband trailer before it was removed from the web for excessive T&A. I will admit that the film follows suit — it is sexy, dark and deeply disturbing. So for all of you that really got behind the sickening experiences of Saw, this is a movie for you.

The folks at Lakeshore Entertainment have finally released the last domestic greenband (read: clean) version of the trailer, which can be viewed in all of its mid-resolution glory below.

[flv: 520 267]

After seeing this trailer, I am seriously warming to the way this film is being marketed. While I am still not a fan of releasing it in mid-April, I can see that Lakeshore is making a great effort to get this one out there and get people interested. And there are many of you who should be interested in this film. Don’t come anywhere near me, though, you sick bastards.

The film features Heroes star Milo Ventimiglia as a pathologist (coroner for the leman) who joins a new hospital only to discover that the other doctors are all wrapped up in a sick game to find a way to commit the perfect murder. And, as you saw in the trailer, the only way to stop them is to beat them at their own game. Michael Weston (Six Feet Under) plays a rival doctor with a screw (or six) loose, and gives one hell of a performance. As well, the film benefits from the alluring Lauren Lee Smith (The Last Kiss). But alas, I have said too much already. I will have more from the world of Pathology in the coming weeks.

For more, check out the film’s official site:

Trailer Courtesy of Lakeshore Entertainment

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