Pan Comic-Con Trailer: Holy Pootie!

Here’s the trailer shown at Comic-Con (or, apparently, close enough) that nobody was seeking out in bootleg form. I’m not sure why it didn’t just arrive immediately online. I’m also not sure why there was no address during the movie’s panel of the controversy regarding Rooney Mara’s white-wash casting as Tiger Lily. Maybe there’s just that little interest in Pan that it’s not garnering much passion either way. But honestly, it doesn’t look that bad in this colorful, adventure-driven trailer. It just couldn’t compete with Warner Bros.’ other highlights involving superheroes.

Perhaps the studio should be trying to sell Pan as a fantastical superhero movie. After all, Peter Pan (Levi Miller) has an arc quite similar to a number of comic book characters, originating from humble beginnings and going on to become a Christ-like figure who can fly. He has multiple nemeses, one of whom is an ally this time around – that’s very comic book-like, too. And, of course, Hugh Jackman is involved, and he’s one of the most famous superhero movie actors of all time now.

Regarding the trailer itself, I find it interesting that there’s so much Tiger Lily, considering the casting criticisms. And it’s not particularly good narration. Never mind the way it’s edited with the footage here poorly so that the line “sometimes friends begin as enemies” plays over the first shot of young Hook (Garrett Hedlund), who instead represents the following line “and enemies begin as friends” (said as we see an animation of the crocodile and Hook’s hook, signifying enemies who are always enemies). After that, though, I have a an issue with the idea that “sometimes to truly understand how things end, we must first know how they begin.” Screw that weak defense for unnecessary prequels like this. Oh, and I don’t know what “holy pootie!” means, but it doesn’t sound appropriate.

Pan, which is directed by Joe Wright (Hanna) might wind up being a blast. For now, it doesn’t look like anything audiences desire or need. It will be interesting to see how it performs, though, especially compared to Disney’s live-action remakes. And within the prequels trend, too – I’m suddenly even more curious this week following the news that Disney is doing a live-action Aladdin prequel. I wonder if that one will show that the Genie and Jafar were buddies when younger. It’ll surely have some white-wash casting, as well.

Pan opens October 9th.

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