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The Mandalorian Chapter Mines Of Mandalore Mythosaur

What That Underwater Mythosaur Encounter Means for ‘The Mandalorian’


While Din Djarin struggles to stay standing, his pals come to his rescue over and over again.


Stellar Ensemble Makes ‘Champions’ A Basketball Movie for the Ages


Woody Harrelson shines as part of an ensemble in this new basketball comedy.

Lupin Iii The First

Why ‘Lupin III: The First’ is the Perfect Gateway to the Franchise


Keep an eye out for those for gentleman thieves, they’ll steel you heart.

Wes Craven Scream 4

22 Things We Learned from Wes Craven’s ‘Scream 4’ Commentary


“He was very nervous about that squib going off right on his crotch.”

New On Prime March 2023

What’s New to Stream on Amazon Prime for March 2023


Before you go see ‘Creed III’ in theaters you can pregame with the entire ‘Rocky’ franchise on Prime!


Subtitles Are On the Rise (And Digital Technology is to Blame)


“Sorry, I can’t hear anything without the subtitles on.”

Perry Mason HBO Season 2 Review

HBO’s ‘Perry Mason’ Is Back With Another Satisfying Slow-Burn Mystery


In its second season, HBO’s stylish, steadily-paced show Perry Mason returns to take on a case with racism and conspiracy at its core.

Daisy Jones And The Six Review

‘Daisy Jones and the Six’ is a Try-Hard Musical Drama That Doesn’t Deliver On Its Own Hype


Riley Keough headlines the new faux-roc doc, which delivers good performances and catchy music, but is also riddled with cliches and self-important framing.

Streaming Horror March 2023

All the Horror You Need to Stream in March 2023


When it comes to horror streaming, March Madness is underway.

Ryan Coogler on the set of Creed (Courtesy of Warner Bros)

Why Sylvester Stallone Is Not In ‘Creed III’


A brief history of Stallone’s fight for an ownership stake in the franchise he created.

New On Netflix March 2023

What’s New to Stream on Netflix for March 2023


Looking for what’s new on Netflix in March 2023? Here’s our guide to the streamer’s best new offerings, including a new Adam Sandler mystery.

Alien Nostromo Jacket

A Brief, Messy History of Who Wrote 1979’s ‘Alien’


In space, no one can hear your screenplay.