Paco Plaza’s Big Bloody Romantic Gamble on ‘REC 3: Genesis’

Not content to deliver the same kind of movie as REC and REC 2, Paco Plaza has crawled way out onto a blood-covered limb to turn the third installment, REC 3: Genesis, into a romantic horror comedy set at a wedding. There are still some jaw-ripping practical effects and zombie scares aplenty, but the tone is purposefully meant to deny audience’s their expectations.The gamble is one that might alienate fans.

This week on Reject Radio Horror Chit Chat, we speak with the director about the risk in making something beyond expectations (and how he plans on getting killed quickly when the zombie apocalypse goes down). Plus, we get into a thorough discussion about remakes with our old friend Scott Weinberg.

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On This Week’s Show:

Learning Not To Automatically Hate Remakes [The Beginning ‐ 32:15] Scott Weinberg and I try to be nicer to the concept of remakes on the eve of Total Remake’s release.

Chainsaws and Wedding Dresses [32:15 ‐ The End]: Horror director Paco Plaza suits up in a SpongeJohn costume to deliver romance, laughs and scares at the risk of turning off some of REC’s fans.

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