‘Overlord’ Trailer: Those Damn Nazis Are Up to No Good Again

The latest Bad Robot movie is most definitely not a ‘Cloverfield’ sequel.
By  · Published on October 6th, 2018

Whenever JJ Abrams’ Bad Robot company has a horror movie in production, I assume it’s another Cloverfield movie trying to pretend it’s something else. They’ve made a habit of doing that after all. But after The Cloverfield Paradox (aka A Poor Person’s Event Horizon) was released to Netflix on Superbowl night earlier this year and went over like a wet fart in a brand new pair of tighty whities, Abrams has confirmed that the next Cloverfield movie will be a true sequel to the original.

The point I’m making is that the company’s latest terror flick, Overlord, is not a Cloverfield movie. Finally, Abrams and co. are being honest. What we see here is what we’re getting. Sometimes it’s good to know where we stand when it comes to these pranksters. What we have with Overlord is a simple action-horror yarn about American troops in France during World War II taking the fight to monstrous Nazi super soldiers. There’s also a mad scientists and other crazy shenanigans going on here. It’s beautiful.

Check out the trailer below:

Now that’s a bad ass trailer and something to look forward to this winter. Overlord knows exactly what kind of movie it is — and it’s here to bring the ruckus. As you can see, we have human beings turning into weird creature versions of themselves, science gone awry, bullet storms, and even some flamethrower action. This is a self-aware B movie thrill ride, sure, but they’re playing it all straight-faced. Don’t expect lots of laughs here. Director Julius Avery simply wants to take us all into the war zone and unleash all kinds of crazy terrors on his protagonists. And that’s what we want to see.

It’s always nice to see mainstream horror embracing its fun side as well. “Elevated” genre fare might be the talk of the town for the most part these days, but sometimes the world just needs a chaotic romp that isn’t afraid to embrace some shlock factor. Movies like Upgrade. The Strangers: Prey at Nightand Hell Fest have scratched that itch this year. I hope Overlord is similar both in quality and spirit to those flicks.

We also don’t see enough war-themed horror movies. Every so often the odd one comes along and slips under the radar, but at least Overlord appears to be getting a reasonable push and gaining a considerable amount of hype. I just hope that audiences give Overlord their hard-earned money and don’t let it creep by under the radar as was the case when like-minded gems such as Deathwatch and The Devil’s Rock. We need more flicks like this, as they war and horror complement each other well. What’s more horrifying than war after all? War with monsters thrown into the mix — that’s what.

Besides, who doesn’t want to see Nazis getting their asses handed to them? They’ve been cast as villains in movies of this ilk time and time again, but that’s because they’ll always make for the easiest villains to root against. Plus, with their real history of occult experiments, Nazis are natural antagonists in supernatural fright fare. Most governments have probably hired demented scientists to create monstrous agents anyway. Who knows what they get up to behind closed doors? As Overlord shows us, war inspires people to do some crazy things.

Overlord opens in theaters on November 9, 2018..

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