Oscar Winner Chris Walken Wears a Bra to Harvard

Christopher Walken said he would’ve “prepared or had a couple of drinks” if he had known he’d be wearing a bra and a brown wig at Harvard University in Cambridge Mass. He was unable to dance in the blue pumps as planned, but did provide a dance in his own street shoes.

Walken was honored as Hasty Pudding Man of the Year by Harvard’s Hasty Pudding Club, the oldest undergrad drama troupe in the nation. During the celebration, Walken sang a song from Hairspray, and spoofed an SNL skit with a member of the troupe who came on stage banging a cow bell. “More cow bell!”

The Hasty Pudding roasters had Walken read the recipe for “hasty pudding” and asked him to show off his “psychic powers” from 1983’s Dead Zone. “I hope nobody’s watching,” Walken said. “I acted on this stage in a play about 20 years ago.”

Female winner of this year’s Hasty Pudding award was Charlize Theron, who wore her own bra to the celebration. Or maybe not.

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