Oscar Nominees Are Much Cuter When Played By Kids

Oscar Kid: American Hustle

Pop quiz, hotshot: what is cuter, Joaquin Phoenix having a flirty late-nite conversation with his computer in a Spike Jonze movie or a 3-year old doing the same scene? It’s the 3-year old every time.

It’s part of the Tumblr project Don’t Call Me Oscar by Maggie Storino, whose time spent with her 3-year old daughter Sophia playing dress-up has turned into the most adorable new Oscar tradition on record. And unless next year’s ceremony is hosted by adorable kittens (sorry, Ellen), this one will probably reign supreme for a while.

The idea is simple: Sophia likes to play dress up, every day, sometimes with the inclusion of her 2-year old sister Sadie. She also likes movies. And not just the usual kid movies. As mom told Mashable, “You might know that Bradley Cooper, Jared Leto and Sandra Bullock aren’t Disney princesses, but the girls don’t. Now they want to wear an astronaut suit and pink curlers every day.”

The Tumblr collection includes this year’s nominees, some of which we’ve included below, and nominees from 2013 and 2012, including an adorable mohawked baby version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. It’s clear that this kid has been ready for stardom since birth.

Oscar Kid: Wolf of Wall Street
Oscar Kid: Gravity
Oscar Kid: Nebraska

Find more adorable Oscar recreations at Don’t Call Me Oscar on Tumblr.

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