‘Orange is the New Black’ Season 2 Trailer: Furious is the New Piper

By  · Published on April 18th, 2014


Ahhh, prison. Orange is the New Black makes it seem so appealing. You and a bunch of your buddies (divvied up exclusively by race, of course) hanging out, rewiring lamps and only occasionally fighting off a potential stabbing.

The second season of Netflix’s simultaneously-upbeat-and-disturbing series debuts on June 6th. And to ring in the new, they’ve released a shiny new trailer, a full-length one that finally gives us all a clue to what we’ll be binge-watching a month and a half from now (beforehand, all we had were these particularly ominous seventeen seconds).

This full-on, “Official” trailer actually has a little story to it. Looks like Season 2 will start with Piper (Taylor Schilling) released from solitary (probably something to do with that potential stabbing) and Lorraine Toussaint showing up as a new (and from the looks of it, extremely villainous) resident of Litchfield Correctional. Cue the montage of characters becoming alternately enraged and sassy.

Things to note from this particular footage:

Although the storm will probably hit on June 6th, as Orange is the New Black earned a truckload of accolades and crushed the current Netflix ratings at its time of release, beating out both House of Cards and Arrested Development. At least, that’s the case as far as anyone knows, because Netflix still refuses to divulge its ratings info to the outside world. At least we still have the speculations of various analysts to fall back on.

Go ahead and have a click below to watch the trailer.

And if you’re truly desperate for more Orange is the New Black, Netflix also released a “Three Words” promo, in which the cast is asked to sum up the new season in three words. Bear in mind, it contains basically no new information. Maybe that a group of professional actors can have a lot of trouble staying within a three word limit, but nothing else.