Optimus Prime does have Lips?!

A few weeks ago a trailer for Transformers was leaked showing Optimus Prime with moving lips. Then later last week, Michael Bay came out to say that Optimus Prime would not have lips.

Why would you lie to us, Michael Bay? Seriously.

Now, thanks to TFW2005, we have a picture to prove that Optimus does have some kissers. See below:

So what is the significance here? None, really. Maybe Transformers is going to turn out to be a lot cooler than Michael Bay is letting on. Either way, the lesson should be learned Mr. Bay… If you lie to internet fanboys, you will be called out on your bluff.

[Update] Additionally, the photo came from a very cool article from the LA Times. There was another very cool action shot attached to the article, which can be seen below:

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