Bigger Than a Barn: The One Perfect Monster Bracket

Last year the One Perfect Shot team went in search of the One Perfect Binge. In 2021, we've built a bracket that will help us name cinema's One Perfect Monster.
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Welcome to One Perfect Monster — our 2021 One Perfect Shot bracket project. Stay tuned by bookmarking this page or follow along with #OnePerfectMonster on Twitter.

Last year, we explored the realm of perfect TV show bingeability with the One Perfect Binge bracket. And while it was fun to watch two shows about small-screen monsters like Walter White and Hannibal Lecter battle it out for the title, our 2021 bracket brings to the fore an even larger obsession, quite literally larger. This year, we’re looking to name cinema’s One Perfect Monster.

For the purposes of this discussion, we define “One Perfect Monster” as having the following qualities:

  • Each monster must be from a movie. That’s the easy one.
  • Each monster must be Bigger Than a Barn. For this, you have to imagine a moderately sized barn — let’s say 30-feet long by 40-feet wide by about 25-feet tall. If a monster candidate would be larger than any one of those dimensions, it’s likely that they wouldn’t fit into the barn, thus making them eligible. That’s good news for the Graboid from Tremors, which is anywhere from 35-45 feet long.

On this bracket, you will find that it was a great pleasure for us to assemble our 32 favorite massive movie monsters, each ready to compete for the title of One Perfect Monster. Voting will take place on the @OnePerfectShot Twitter account and begins March 1. The First Round will conclude on March 7. By the time we get to the release of Godzilla vs. Kong on March 31, we’ll be voting on the final matchup. Will it come down to Godzilla and Kong? Or will there be surprises along the way? There’s only one way to find out…

The One Perfect Monster Bracket

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One Perfect Monster – Final Four Recap

Godzilla vs. Kong. Was this The Final Matchup That Was Promised? Probably. When we set out on this month-long journey to name cinema’s One Perfect Monster, we certainly knew it was possible. And in the first few days of the Final Four round, it looked as if Lord of the Rings fans might storm in and break Godzilla’s winning streak. In the end, it was not meant to be. Neither would King Kong be denied a shot at the crown, handily defeating King Ghidorah. This means that we’ve arrived at an expected, but still very exciting final matchup. Who is it going to be, Internet? Godzilla or Kong. The choice is yours.

One Perfect Monster – The Final

The case for Godzilla: Let’s be honest, this entire bracket is Godzilla vs. The Field. We’ve been told over and over again — since its massive frame first towered on the silver screen in 1954 — that this is the King of the Monsters. And we’re about to find out. Godzilla brings size, tenacity, and atomic breath to the table — plus more than six decades of experience stomping on buildings and punching other monsters. That’s an impressive resume, befitting some kind of King, but will it be enough to be King of This Bracket? We’ll know soon enough. (Neil Miller)

The case for King Kong: Humanity is a plague. We tear through this world, ripping whatever we want out of the ground, making meals from the animals that were here before us. King Kong was the first creature to bash against our ravenous greed. We went to Skull Island looking to make dollars from wonders, and we found Kong. He showed how awe comes with terror, and only when he tired from yanking limbs from slack-jawed city slickers did Carl Denham’s gang get the jump on him. He may have fallen from our tallest spire, but out of his sacrifice, hundreds upon hundreds of giant monsters rose. King Kong birthed a genre, and none of these other beasties on this bracket would be here without him. Attention must be paid. (Brad Gullickson)

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