Shot for Shot with the 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' Trailer

Quentin Tarantino returns with another star-studded cast to do what he does best.

Here’s a shot of Pitt shirtless since thirsty audience members do exist and this will probably make some of them buy tickets.

Interestingly, Kurt Russell‘s character plays a stunt coordinator in the movie. Bloody Disgusting suggested that this might be because he’s an older relative of Death Proof‘s Stuntman Mike, whom Russell also played. Given that Tarantino likes to connect his movies in subtle ways, it’s a plausible theory.

The trailer then cuts to a montage of Rick’s newfound life as a small-screen cowboy. His movie star days are behind him. In these scenes, he’s been hired to elevate the project he’s working on, but according to his director, he’s nothing more than a “TV cowboy” who’s fallen from grace. Timothy Olyphant also shows up as his cowboy co-star.

Realizing that his career is experiencing a downturn, our dude has a sulk in his trailer.

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